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Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Rosemary Lohndorf
    I love the freedom that art journaling brings! I’ve been making art journals for five years and enjoy the depth of feeling art adds to my journaling. I’m an artist, writer and am a certified Soul Collage and Journal to the Self facilitator. I co-wrote a book with Kay Adams, author of Journal to the Self, called The Flourishing Principal. I work in in mixed media, acrylics and watercolor. I have taught adults and children for over thirty years and like nothing more than spending time with paint, brushes, and paper and finding out what comes up as I create!
  2. Executive Director
    Elaine Riley
    I am a mixed media artist, Zen Line Drawing enthusiast, teacher, and writer. I believe that the two, art and writing, complement each other. I have taught art and writing to children and adults in the U.S. and Australia for the past 20 or so years. My articles on journal writing and life journaling have appeared in magazines in Australia and I have sold various commission pieces to individuals. I teach classes in mixed media, Zen Line Drawing, alcohol inks, story and character development, and college. I enjoy the spontaneity of mixed media and working with college in visual journals, on canvas, and various other substrates. Mark making, color, story, stamps, stencils, paint….so many different mediums to create a wonderful, individual piece of art that is fun, freeing, and tells a story. I use writing to get me started and clear my mind so creativity takes control and off I go!

Springboard Visual Arts

Springboard Visual Arts was created by two artists, Rosemary Lohndorf and Elaine Riley,  who enjoy sharing art with others.  Join us in workshops designed for all levels, whether you are a beginner and just starting to journey into your inner artist, an experienced artist looking for new techniques, or simply looking to have creative time to play  with other like-minded artists.